Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer

The All Star game starts today. It's amusing. Living in Minnesota we are all used to silly questions over the years. Usually it's on how cold it gets in the winter: Plenty. And now we are getting questions on the cold summer.
One fact struck me years ago when visiting Washington DC in the summer. I was glad to get out of Minnesota, we were in a beastly heat wave. And yes, it was cooler (and drier) in Washington DC. Actually that fact led the local DC news for two nights running. As if it should be a surprise to anyone that Mid-continent gets beastly heat waves far away from cooling ocean breezes. As if living at the top of the Mississippi River Valley doesn't provide us with muggy weather. Ah well, Climate change is just reinforcing the perception of Minnesota as an ice-box, as extremes get magnified.
Stick around, you visitors, we'll be able to show you our normal weather in a week or so. As for now, I'm enjoying wearing a light sweater. (Although it feels weird!)

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