Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The defamation of Jesse

We've done it again. Shocked the system. Apparently you can defame a public joke that prances around in tights and feather boas. I'd show you a picture of that here, but shoot, if Jesse Ventura will sue the widow of a soldier, he sure won't have any hesitation about going after an un-employed middle-aged woman.

I admit, I was one of the idiots that voted for him in 2008. The two parties each offered us a cynical choice: two hacks with name recognition. They were terrible. Jesse said "Give me a try, I can't be worse." Wrong. Even Republicans voted for him, jumping away from their party. Democrats will do that, but rarely do you see that in Republican circles. I knew how bad it would be that first night when he flew to New York to make jokes on the David Letternman show about drunken Irish-Americans laying out the streets of Saint Paul. And then he attended his inaugural party in a boa, to sing Werewolves of London. (hint, follow the link to the Pioneer Press and at least you will see one picture of another idiot in a Boa)

The damage to the state he caused continues. I no longer get mad every year that my used car pays the same yearly tax as his tricked out over-sized SUV. What's the point? I voted for him, he changed the laws. But I am sorry that celebrity overcame common sense.

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